Sunday, January 22, 2012

Say No to Sopa, Anonymous Attacked Goverment Sites

Anonymous say no to sopaStill about SOPA, many days ago megaupload was shutdown. This is make a lot of people who say no to sopa furious even many groups called Anonymous attacked many goverment sites like , , and a lot of big site, you can check that at twitter with keywords "Tango Down" (!/search/tango%20down). They declarated that in their twitter acoount with username @YourAnonNews (!/YourAnonNews).

Most likely they DDOSing site to express strong resistance to the sopa. That action was followed by a visionary group of other similar. They like @Havittaja (!/Havittaja) and @theevilc0de (!/heevilc0de). They called their action with "Mega Tango Down" they claimed have been attacked more than 100 Goverment site in here .

Word War Web happening now, but many site have recovered. Strong resistance to the sopa maybe will continue before the sopa is dead. Everyone was waiting for a response about this action, will sopa dead?

By The Way this is screenshot while many goverment site down!/search/tango%20down/slideshow/photos

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