Sunday, January 1, 2012

Email Generator by BTSSOFT

Want to get a email generator? i think you can find a lot of email generator by type "email generator" keywords on your favorites search engine. But i think you will find expensive email generator software. I think if you didn't have a lot of money you can use this trial software, it a powerfull trial software, you can generate up to 1000 email list at one click. okay to download this email generator software go to this link

After you download this software install it and then try demo or buy for 7$ if you want more from this software. On demo version you will see 3 columns, name, prefix and domain. You can generate email by combine name, prefix and email domains. For get targeted email by country, age and gender you can get the name at generate there and copy into your demo software and click generate.

For prefix you can use a middle name like a, b, c, d, z, k its get more powerfull effect, if you want to check thats active email or not you can use facebook invite friends tools. use another tool and upload your txt files, and you can see which active email already on facebook. okay good job internet marketers.

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