Thursday, January 26, 2012

Animated .gif Avatar Twitter 2012 Real Work

have you ever see someone on twitter with .gif or animated avatar on twitter? You interest about that, then you upload your animated images and its not work? so now you are in the right place. To make your avatar on twitter animated you must make your .gif animated not more then 2 second and your .gif animated not more then 7 kb filesize, you can decrease your .gif avatar on twitter using animated .gif with 64 colors. Okay that the simple tips, remember: Less then 2 second, less then 7 kb and using 64 colors. Then go to your twitter setting and go to profile and upload your .gif images then enjoy your animated gif avatar on your twitter profile.

Why animated .gif avatar twitter ?
1. This is increase your follower, because less people can do that.
2. You can make promotion on your twitter avatar
3. This is so cool :D

What kind of an interesting avatar ?
1. Video animated (
continuous picture like movement)
2. Accordance with your twitter about (If your twitter about health care you can use animated .gif twitter avatar like heart or etc)

Like what animated .gif avatar twitter with 64 colors, less then 2 second and less then 7 kb ?

Preview :
animated twitter avatar
animated twitter avatar
animated twitter avatar

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Josh of Memory Foam said...

I like posting animated gif on my twitter because they attract attention better than still images.

gif twitter said...

thats true :D

Sammy@ Foam Mattress said...

I've been looking for ways to make this possible. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

There is an iPhone application can create GIF avatar for twitter.

free movies online GEORGE GROVES VS FRANCISCO said...

This is an excellent site, absolutely packed with information - really well done! Voted up, useful & awesome.

Anonymous said...

Twitter no longer supports animated GIF files.

Anvar Karimov said...

Do another tutorial, pleasee )) Because I see people still have those

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mikaljains said...

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