Sunday, December 11, 2011

Top 10 Games Boredom Busting

This is top 10 games where will kill your bored time, i write it by mobile multimedia android magazine from kompas gramedia. ok check this one out top games :

Angry Birds Season (New Season)
Season series is the fastest angry birds. This series titled Mooncake Festival nuanced china. On this game you can find 2 levels and 15 stage every level.

Death Worm
On this game you be a giant worm where you must eat anything if you see that. You must eat a lot of anything.

MX Mayhem
This is game for crosser you must control your motorcycle, speed is not everything. You must combine jumping and speed.

Zombie attacked the ville you must kill them using pistol and baseball stick, you can using another weapon in next level.

Bunny Shooter
This game like a angry bird, you only have limited arrow and you must have a good strategy to kill all bunny

CJ : Strike Back
CJ can jumping anywhere he want, cj must avoiding enemy and bullet. Sometimes CJ can revolution to new CJ. so, be CJ now...

Blast Monkeys
Shoot the monkey to circle and grab a lot of bananas. On this game you can find 54 level + 5 special levels

Dragon Hunter
You must archery the flying dragon which attacked your ship. Many dragon have a different soul. The Blue eyes Dragon can killed using 2 arrows and the red eyes dragon can killed using 3 arrows. Be careful the dragon can burn your ship.

This is like basketball, you must plug in the ball in to the ring, but in this game you will play in outer space.

This is like a carnaval game for children, this is bowling game with many hole, every hole have different score, you must get a high score.

okay this is 10 top games in mobile multimedia android magazine from kompas gramedia version.

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