Monday, December 12, 2011

Install Your Java Game On Android

Are you using java phone before using android? maybe you have a lot of collection of java game made by you. For java application or J2ME not supported in android. Many local phone have java emulator, but not all application can used with clearly. If you want to play your java game in your android you must convert it into apk for android.

for convert jad/jar to apk android you can use this site upload your apps and will automatic converted to apk android. But be careful, you must upload only java game made by you, so as not to infringe copyright.

okay now you can play your java game on android after you convert it before to apk android in This is little share from me titled "install your java game on android", i have inspired about it from mobile multimedia android magazine from kompas gramedia. I hope this simple post can help you.

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