Monday, October 24, 2011

Cause of Death Simoncelli

marco simoncelli
Macro Simoncelli is a motogp raider. He was bron at January, 20 1987 in Cattolica, Rimini, Italia. He get 1 st position at season 2008 in 250 cc class with gilera moto.

On October, 23 2011 simoncelli was died in sapang international circuit malaysia. He was involved in accident with colin edward and valentino rossi. He get accident at lap two in bend to 11 at fourth position. He's bike fall in down and straight into the path of edward and rossi. Simoncelli'ss helmet thrown off the track and the red flag hoisted. Simoncelli take to circuit's medical center using ambulance. But on 16.00 at local time his life was not helped. He get seriously trauma to the head, neck and chest.

One accident again in moto gp, death cloud have happened anywhere, all beyond human ability.

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