Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Facebook Interface (News Feed)

Facebook have been update their interface, on this section facebook changed their facebook news feed. Now you can wacth your friends status with a list. You can watch your friends facebook with list on left tab, called frind list, usually showed family list and etc.

Beside it now facebook news feed not automated, you must click new status for wacth last status updated. With this system facebook be fast loading. And most stories and top stories now in one place.

On the right top you can watch your friends realtime activity. And for photo, now very fast loading and have a big size. I am very happy with this change because facebook be fast loading, easy to manage frieds (Using friend list) how about you?

i like facebook now, but for realtime activity i hope facebook give protected area for someone who did't want their realtime activity shared.

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