Thursday, August 25, 2011

Get Your Paypal Verified Using A Payoneer Prepaid MaterCard

To verified your paypal account using payoneer prepaid mastercard follow this step :

1. Make sure there is balance $1.95 remaining
2. Login into your paypal account
3. Click unverified status
4. Input your debit card information (card number, expired date and cvv2)
5. Login into your payoneer account
6. Go to view transaction menu
7. Find transaction from paypal, you will get 4 digits expuse code there
8. Go to your paypal account
9. Click on unverified status
10. Input your expuse code
11. Wait for many hours and your paypal account will be verified and get $1.95 balance

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Anonymous said...

in which account, i should have balance of $1.95? in paypal or payoneer?

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