Tuesday, August 30, 2011

99designs tips to win

Are you a designer? i think you can warm your skill at 99designs.com, that is a place where you can win a design contest by kill another designer. 99designs is very famous for designs contest, on 99designs you can join many contest in a day like logo contest, twitter background contest, web design contest and etc. and i have tips for win a contest in 99designs .

For example you join at logo design contest, if not in blind mode you can submit your design at the last time, submit a lot of design more than 3, and you must read the brief before start designing.

If you newbie in design i think you must choose a cheap design because there will be less entries than design more than $100. And choose a contest where have less entries in last day. okay i hope you can win, go go go !!!

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Anonymous said...

Obvious keyword stuffing with no useful tips. How much did you get for taking 2 minutes of my life?

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