Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Watermelon Contains Anti-Cancer Agent

Watermelon contains anti-cancer agent, thats called lycopene. Lycopane can help in slowing in tumor growth. Lycopane at wattermelon is about 40% if you didn't put your watermelon on refrigerator. If you put your watermelon at refrigerator you will be loss your lycopene. This fruit very effective for help you about cancer, beside contains anti-cancer this fruits contains 6% sugar and 92% water and many vitamins until 100%.

watermelon or Citrullus lanatus originally from southern africa. watermelon can live at dry temperate regions. you can find 2 types of watermelon, red watermelon and yellow watermelon. The yellow watermelon has no seeds, and red watermelon have a lot of seed and you can eat seed with roasted it before.

watermelon usually shaped oval but in japan you can find watermelon with square shapes. watermelon usually eat for fresh fruits and jus, but you can find watermelon chips in indonesia. watermelon very delicious and very fresh, health and contains many vitamins, watermelon very good for you, good luck.

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anti-cancer agent said...

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watermelon contain anti-cancer agent :D

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