Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Android VS iOS , Who The Winner Was?

Android VS iOS, who the winner was? before share who the winner let know about Android and iOS, Android is mobile os, android based on open source linux and android is universal. and ios is mobile os by apple inc. do you know apple? yea, apple os just can be used for apple hardware. from laptopmag i know who the winner was, thanks to laptopmag before, and now i share potin by point for you.

For multi tasking, android os is the winner, because iOS use switching and it lower then android. And for user friendly, android os is the winner, because iOS have no usb ports, memory slot and hdmi port. Android OS have built-in Maps GPS and iOS didn't have that. And for voice recognition the winner is android os because iOS haven't built-in. okay at paragpraph two, i know that from comments on laptopmag, and on paragraph 3, i will share fro market.

I think android os, more then iOS for market, i think because developer can make android application with easy and can sell it with easy too, so a lot off cool application can find for android os, different with iOS, they very limited. Because i think hardware problem. And now android os maintenance by google, and so, now google launch google app inventor in google labs (app inventor is a site where you can make your android application without programming skill). okay who the winner was ?

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MBT Sko Norge said...

Joint innvendig trykk, brusk degradering og forårsake smerte. Over tid vil den felles funksjon bli svekket, og til slutt føre til alvorlige problemer med å gå.

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