Monday, July 4, 2011

Android OS Very Amazing

Android OS is very amazing, android os is based on linux open source, andorid os very famous, i dont know why peoople choose android os, because its free? maybe because a lot of cool aplication for android os. many developer like android because they can place an ads on their aplication or sell it on android market. Android developer can make application for android with easy using google app inventor and many more developer many more application, a lot of application a lot of user.

And you can get application for android as easy as open your book. you can download and buy million android application at android market. Beside have a lot of cool application android os can multitask, that can open many application together, like listening music while browsing and etc. nad for you google user, your phone will integrate with your google account, like email, google talk and etc.

But you will spent a lot of money for android os, because android need internet connection (gprs) no gprs no android. but i think its no problem, because you will get more then gprs, its android.

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Carry said...

I think, android is new solution for phone nowadays...Using Android can make us get know more about mobile OS.

Terryhome said...

When this mobile OS come, I optimism that this OS can get more market. And now we can see it together, that Android OS can prove it.

android os said...

thank you for bookmarking this site :) i hope i can write again about android

os android tablet said...

@carry : yea, i love android :)
@terryhome : android will get billion user :)

Nike Free UK said...

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