Saturday, July 9, 2011

After, Now Deindex from Google serp

after, now deindex from serp . and is free domain, you can get free subdomain like thats like cool then you use a another sub domain which have a long words, i think google very seriously for avoiding spamming and phishing. domain usually build for hacking (phishing) and make a dummy blog (another blog for increase seo). domain used for that because that domains free, simple, and can't look at who is domain tools.

are you have domains? i hope you can still run, do not sad. okay if your domain deindex from serp, first step can you do is contact google at google webmaster tool for review again your blog. but i think its not take an effect. i think you should use another domain, but don't use free sub domain, you can buy .com domain. because if you use another free sub domain maybe its will deindex next day.

okay now i hope, google cam avoiding spamming and phishing but without deindex all domain, but only deindex domains which use for dummy blog and phishing. and i have tips for you avoiding deindexing google serp.

1. Do not use free subdomain, better use original domain
2. Do not spamming
3. Do not post a lot of article on a day
4. Write original articles, do not copy paste
5. Always update your blog scheduled
6. Use google analystic and google webmaster tool

okay i hope this post will help you.

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TopherBricks said...

Some good seo insight here. Google keeps making it more and more difficult for spammers and phishers to make any progress, so following your 6 steps will help lead to some higher serp.

MBT M Walk Sneaker said...

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