Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Twitter Client Sample Project For App Inventor

have you try make twitter client for android phone from google app inventor? if you watch video tutorial how to make twitter client using app inventor in youtube, i think you will see differen problem. Because that video relese at many moth a go,now twitter update, you can't using login form, but now you can use authorized for login via twitter client. for get authorized acces you must sign up for twitter developer, you can acces and remember your costumer key.

Then go to your google app inventor And drag twitter social to your screen, then input your custumer key. okay now for make twitter client login, you can add buton, and you can place check authorized in block editor app inventor for action.

did you understand? if you cant't understand me, i hope you can understand with twitter client sample project for app inventor. im foud it at and you can download app inventor sample project at and then upload that project in your app inventor account.

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