Friday, June 17, 2011

Make Android Aplication Using Google App Inventor

google app inventor androidMake Android Aplication Using Google App Inventor is very easy because no proggraming skill required, and the amazing news about google app inventor is free for google user. If you want to be an andoroid app developer any one can be developer. Okay maybe you didn't know why you must make android aplication. One thing about andoroid aplication is you can sell your application in android market or you can publish some ads in your android aplication using, is a CPM program where you will be earned 3$ or more for 1000 views. okay lest make your first android aplication.

You can make android aplication using SDK for programming manualy or you can use google app incertor. On this section i will share about google app inventor. For using google app invertor you must have an google accounts to sigin. I you didn't have google accouts you can sign up first. Okay for sigin into google app inventor you can goes here and then click get started, check you computer specification first, the system requirements is :

Computer and operating system

Macintosh (with Intel processor): Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6
Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
GNU/Linux: Ubuntu 8+, Debian 5+

Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or higher
Apple Safari 5.0 or higher
Google Chrome 4.0 or higher
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher

beside it you must using java 6 and you must install App Inventor okay after your pc ready, go to the next step on, after you finish all step go to the google app inventor homepage and make new project. then you will see some toolbox, there are 4 columns, on the left table you will see toll box, you can adding many tool just drag to screen beside toll box, and beside screen you can view object manager, and on the right you will see propery, just play on 4 columns for make your android people, and for action you can open block on the right, do you understand? maybe no, so you can watch this video. :) okay just it i can share now, maybe if i can i will share more.

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how to use to show adds using app inventor in my android app

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