Friday, July 1, 2011

Co.Cc Domains Deindex From SERP Google

Co.Cc Domains is now deindex by google, so all of subdomain at deleted from google SERP. I hope you never sad and still run. I hope webmaster who using domains never sad because domain eat by sandbox google search. Why domains deindex by google serp? i dont know well, but i think domains have been do anything wrong with TOS of google. So for subdomain webmasters what do you want to do with your domain?

I have many idea with your domains, first step you can contact google via google webmaster tool using review serp. I think if a lot of human contact google, google will reindex domain and all subdomain, but if it doesn't take an effect you should use another domains.

If you didn't have much money you can use .info domains its just less then 2$ on godaddy. Or if you blogspot user you can use domain, and on 2 or 3 weeks, your domain will apear on the google serp again. i hope that is true .

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ole said... - alternative. banned said... @.@ thats like cool

Sko Timberland said...

Det er på grunn av lojale uredd utendørs ånd, med oppstart i april 2011, den internasjonalt anerkjente utendørs merkevare Timberland offisielt ble en teknisk sponsor av den Spania OL seiling team.

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