Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why Payoneer Account Blocked

payoneer account blockedare you know Why payoneer account blocked?? i know that payoneer blocked usually because you input wrong password and then if you input wrong password payoneer will be freeze your account for 20 minutes or more. You can't login until 20 minutes or more. i know it because i have payoneer ever blocked my account. im can't login at anytime, every im login there are showed "Account Blocked! (#MA104) Please contact customer supportwith" and then im send email to the payoneer contact services. And my email replied by payneer costumer support that i have been input wrong password and if input wrong password payoneer will be freeze account until 20 minutes, so you can't login again until minutes later.

Hey by the way are you have been recive debit card from payoneer? or until now you didn't recive debit card from payoneer? okay now im will share to you beside why payoneer account blocked im will share about why you debit card not arrive. haha i think your aplication decline because you not read TOS (Term of service) you must know term of services before. If you under 18 th your application will be decline, and you must read anoter tos in your site partner where you apllied the card. ok just it my knowladge. i hope this post can be used for you.

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