Thursday, May 5, 2011

Why Facebook Pages Is Good For Promotion ?

facebook pagesWhy Facebook Pages Is Good For Promotion? did you know? lets share with me! if i heard the words "facebook page" first thing i have is a "promotion". for now i find that the most of poeple use facebook pages for promotion, like a product promotion, site promotion or organisation promorion and band promotion, why use facebook pages? i thing facebook pages is no limit of user follower, so a lot of people can be follower of your pages. follower is not like follow on twitter, on this is follow mean a people who like your facebook pages. beside it facebook pages never use aprovement so your follow can be add automaticaly without aprovement process. ok i thing you know what advantages of facebook pages. but did you know? why promotion via facebook page is more beautiful then another way promotion?

i thing that facebook have a lot of member where they are usually 4 hours online in facebook a day. its a lot of time for follow your pages. and the most poeple who like your facebook pages is take easy for invite friends. this is a good for promotion, with it you will not promotion 100% you will be helped by you facebook pages followe by invite their friends. and how about promotion via web?

if you will promotion via web you must need a log time for SEO (Search Engine Optimation) this is mean optimize your page for be number one in search engine, and if you use facebook pages you didn't use SEO asually your pages on facebook is crawled number one in search engine . so you not lost your energy. so build your facebook pages now

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music promotions said...

Face book is most popular method to promote your music online,Only in the last few months have bands and businesses really started to take advantage of Facebook. The great thing about this platform is that when someone clicks the “Like” button, it appears on their news feed and most of their friends will see it.Nice post.

Facebook Promotion said...

yea facebook is great thing for promotion :) thanks for leave comments

facebook promotion said...

yea facebook is great thing for promote anything :)

Nike Sko said...

svart swoosh med en stor rød hoppe mann logo , pluss gjennomskinnelig mønster på hvit såle og eneste to like pære i utformingen av en lavmælt, men å markere detaljene.

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