Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Waterproof Camera

waterproof cameraDo you know about waterproof camera? an camera where you can take a photo underwater, usually named with underwater camera, camera like this have an specification and have a limit, like can be used max 100 m underwater and etc, waterproof camera is can be used under water and will not broken, many underwater camera have a bad take if you shoot not at underwater. usually waterproof camera have a litle pixel and bad if used in outdor.

i have a tips for you if you want to take a photo underwater with high resolution, do not use waterproof camera but use a standart camera in water. hah? are you sure to do it like at the picture? haha dont do it, because your camera will be broken. now standart camera can be use underwater, how to do it? haha you can used water chasis for your camera, or you can use a plastics for protect your camera, haha just kidding, i think water chasis for your camera can find at camera store or online store, its very easy to get it.

ok now if you will buy waterproof camera i have reference for you, underwater camera is not have a long time, underwater camera is very easy broken. if you want a underwater camera do not buy a expenchive camera, i think you can buy a cheap camera usually can used for one time, but its more save your money because you not everytime take a photo underwater. but you must have many reference from another people who have many action with underwater. this is just tips from newbie. ok see you in my next post.

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