Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries SeriesThe Vampire Diaries is not a hot searched in USA i know it from google insight, i don't know what is vampires dairies? i think its a story firstly and im searching in wikipedia and i know the vampire diaries is a fantasy horror television series. haha in my country Indonesia the horror fantasy vampire is not famous. in my coutry is have a lot of fantasy horror like a pocong, kuntilanak, gondoruwo, tuyul and etc. vampire is i know it first from mandarin films, but its not scared. i think vampire is be scared if meet pocong. oops i think im very long for telling, now lets go to the topics.

The Vampire Diaries is a have teen drama genre, supranatural genre and horror genre. The Vampire Diaries is developed by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec. the vampire diaries is written by L.J Smith as a novels. The Vampire Diaries is a movie with english language. The first series of vampire diaries is have a title "Pilot". i don't know what is the story because im can't acces usa televison. hahai but in Inodonesia im very interest with horror story about a kuntilanak or pocong its very make me scared haha. now in Indonesia you can find a new ghost like hantu jamu gendong, suster ngesot, suster keramas, hantu jeruk purut and etc.

hm.. in indonesia have a may ghost where they is eat or killed someone who been destroyed her life but i dont know its realy or not. i know it from indonesian horror movies. Many people in indonesia use a magig and horor for get a money. they use tuyul for get a money. from the movies tuyul can give you money with fastly. the tuyul is take another poeple money and give to you. the tuyul can do it but you must give the tuyul people who want to give the tuyul blood. its very not relistic but its about magig.

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