Friday, May 20, 2011

Paypal Account Limited

limitMy paypal account limited, oh men...!!! my paypal accounts have unsually login, i know why my accounts have unsually login. Im Using dial-up modem for my conection and then im my connection droped and im restart the modem so my ip adress changed, i think im login with different ip and then im make a transaction. And now my paypal accounts limited. I have many tips for you how to make your accounts safe from limitation.

Limitation on paypal because your accounts send payment to another accounts which have any problem. Your account login at many diferent ip adress on a few time. You choose a personal type but you use it for bussines or a lot of transacton. Your account new and you recive a lot of money to your paypal accounts. Any a lot of reason can make your paypal account limited

Ok for avoiding limitation at your accounts, do not transfer money if you have been restart your modem or restart your ip. And do not transfer money to another account which not verivied or have any problem with paypal. Do not recive a lot of money if your account less 3 month. And if your paypal account limited you can proceced for review limitation and get your account back, but if you can't finish review you can email at contact us. and i think paypal will reply your messege and give you full acces for your paypal account after you do something. Okay i hope your account can back.

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