Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mavia Wars Tips

Mavia WarMavia Wars is a cool game on facebook. A lot of people who have an account at facebook play mavia war game. this game is about mavia. Mavia war have 3 type of characters. Maniac type Mavia War character is a characther of mavia war with a good performance if charge the energy, this type can charge the energy with fastly then another type. Mogul type mavia war character is a character of mavia war with a good performance if get a much money, with this character you can get money aesyly. Fearless type mavia war character is a character where you hurt you can be health with fastly. so which one do you choose?

i think you have a mavia war on your facebook but if you didn't install mavia war before on your facebook you can search mavia war aplication on the search box and then install it. ok now after you choose which tyoe of your character, i will give you some mavia wars tips. this is the tips for play mavia war games. check this out.

Mavia War Tips:
1. Invite a lot member with invite tools.
2. Investation on the property.
3. Buy item with high level.
4. Do not attack with a lot member.
5. Join with mavia wars group and you will get more tips.

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