Saturday, May 28, 2011

Make Your Own Or Custom Yahoo Mesengger Status

Custom Yahoo Badge Statusi think many blogger use yahoo messenger status on their blog for chat with their visitor. with status badge in their blog this is can make visitor can ask any question to the blog owner or the costumers can ask about the product in the online store with life chat. i think many blog have a same badge like this picture. Yahoo have a 16 images for your messenger status but you also can make your own yahoo messenger status with your images. how to make custom yahoo messenger status?

its very simple, first step you must make two images, one images for showing your yahoo messenger online status and one more for showing your yahoo messenger status offline. after you make your pictures upload on the imagehosting like picasa or tinypic and save your image url. after it go to this page after it fill the form like your yahoo id your images url and then you will be showed the code. and the paste that code to your blog.

hey im will share a litle about my expereince in design. for design badge status for yahoo messenger usually for online and oflline status have a same design but different in the coloring. like online status is fullcolor and offline status is back and white color. i think you can use hue or saturation for edit the color or if you canot use it you can use curves, its very easy. okay finish lest make your own or custom yahoo messenger badge.

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Nay said...

link not valid animore,
did u have tutorial how to make own code ?

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stacey green said...

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