Monday, May 9, 2011

Integrate Blogspot with Digg ?

digg logoHey did you ever thing about integrate yours blogspot with digg? i think its good for SEO and save more time, but how can do it? i have idea but i dont know which site services can make integrate blogspot with your digg accounts, i have an idea for make blogspot and your digg can be updated together in one time.

now i just know that blogspot can be integrate with twitter accounts using twitterfeed or using hootsuite and my idea is integrate twitter with digg. and now the problem is which one site that have an service for integrate twitter with digg? oho i thing its very hard to find it, lets see my another idea.

i ever see on the blogspot blog there are digg button under title post, i think we can make a function java script for auto click the digg buton, but how to do it? haha its a problem. i hope you can help me. im not a programmer im a blogger haha.

ok my last idea for integrate blogspot with digg is using .... hm.. i dont know, i think now my blogspot cant integrate with digg. please help me, i think my second idea can be used, but how to maka a function like this, iLinkm not a programmer, huh.. i hope you can help me.

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