Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How To Level Fast Cityville Leveling Tips

cityville guide playhow to get fast leveling in cityville? you can get high level if you colect many experience points. you can get expereince points in cityville with this tips, i hope you play this game before you read this articles, i hope if you play this game before you can understand what did i mean on this articles, if you are never play this game before, you must play this game at your facebook accounts and you will know what i mean in this articles. ok now read this post.

How To get expereince in cityville?

1. you can get experience by Complete the quests
2. you can get exp by Trading on the collections
3. you can get exp (experience)by Collect exp from your homes
4. you can get experience by Chop down the trees
5. you can get more exp by Collect from your community buildings
6. you can get experience by Collect from your businesses
7. you can get the exp points by Collect from the crops

that is a standart, how to get more expereince in cityville? are there are citville play guide "leveling fast"? ok look that.

1. Start your bussines like build a backery shop.
2. Build Your home
3. Strawberry harvest
4. Add Friends

i am didn't understand how it can make your level fast, but its work.

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