Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A good way to wrap gifts

wrap giftwhy now i write about A good way to wrap gifts? do you know? many gift so easy for get it, you can get it in gift sotres and if you very hard to choose the best ones you can ask to the shopkepper and then you will get information for free. but how to wrap a gift? "hey i thing that we can wrap it on thats gifts store" really? yes this is alright but many gift store wrap your gift with a simple geift paper and use standart view. how to make a good wrap gifts? so elegan and beautiful?

for make your gift wrapping different then other, you must make your wrap into anything if another people look is so unique. you can wrap your gift like a candy, you can wrap your gift like a tshirt, you can wrap your gift like a drum, also you can wrap your gift like girrafe, like a box with head of pig, like a box with head of cow or another things, if you want to get a good job, you can look many referension about origami, and you can aplicated it into your gift.

now i will give you one example, for example i choose some one who will give a gift for their mother, and at that time is mother day. And a men/women who will give a gift for their mother choose a jackets, and i think its will look unique if the jackes wrap with a shirt style, its look beautifull and so elegant and related with jackets. by the way hey? jackets for mother day? are its a good idea? jacket is a symbol of protection, like mother alwas protec their child. ok this is mt litle knowladge for share with you.

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