Friday, May 6, 2011

Get More Energy Cityville Game Tips

cityville logocityville is a very cool game, this is a building game. this game like a human life, and we are be a builder for on your city at cityville. like in human lifee, you can build anything like build a home and etc. so in real life to build a home you must need a lot enery for build it. no energy so you can't build anything, in real life you can get more energy by your food. but in cityville you can get more energy by a lot of way. like a :

1. Wait For 5 Minutes
You can get more energy for 5 minutes remaining by cityvillage server.

2. Up Level
You can get more energy in cityville if youts level going up.

3. Visit Neighboor
You can get one energy if you visit your neighboor.

4. Harvest
You Will get bonus extra energy if you have been harvest.

5. Take Money From Comunity Building
You wil get energy if you have been take some money from your comunity building.

Okay up level, wait 5 minutes, harvest, its a standart tips for get more energy, now if you want need a lot of energy. You can optimized for tips number 3 visit nighboor. so you need a lot of neighboor. you must add a lot of negihboor and visit one by one, enjoy it :)

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