Monday, May 23, 2011

Facebook Will Be Closed ?

facebook like iconDid you ever hear about facebook will be closed by Mark Zuckerberg as a owner of facebook? this is a just isue?, facebook will be closed, are it is true? i think facebook willn't closed because facebook is good site. facebook have a lot many functions for relationship. today im read news from about facebook will be closed. and on that news "facebook will be closed is not true" are its true? really?

but why the isue facebook will be closed is below appear? from say that "the first isue is publicated by one blog whict thats blog write another isue like alien atacked the earth on 2011 and etc" oh no, on the net a news is very hard for know this is true or not? so you must be careful for recive a news.

and from a stats on registered facebook accounts, facebook manager write a stat, "we never recive a command for closed this site, so we work as usual, we willn't go becau we start a new amazing" (im write it with my translation, so for see the true stats you can visit facebook) its show that facebook willn't closed. so dont wory be happy.

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Medina said...

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