Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blogger Update Their Homepages

New Blogger HomepagesMany days ago gogle have been update their image upload system but beside it now google update their homepage at blogger. now you can see in the homages of blogger is now different before google maintenance for updates. and beside it if you upload your image on blogger its can be fastly then before update. i think the new homepages is better the old then the new style. haha but its okay because the homepages just for login. and i need the dasboard pages. hey friends are you find the new about this update? please share with me together.

i think blogger is have a good service. blogger now be agresive for spam blog or dummy blog. if you have a spam blog your blog will be deleted. blogger very consist for delete the spam blog or dumy blog, so do not make a spam blog or dummy blog. im have a bad experience about spam blog. im have a good blog emh everday is have a good traffic but im follow many tutorial. im post 4 articles today or more from articles directory. and then my famous blog is deleted by the administrator or banned. im vey sad but im never be down im make a blog from zero and im will make this blog hero.

so if you didn't want your blog deleted by administrator or suspended you do not copy the articles, your contents mus be 100% unique and do not spaming like spaming from coments in another blog. are you have a problem with unique articles? i think its very easy you can use google insight for help you to write the topic in your blog. i hope this blog be hero. ok see my next blogpost.

this is a post from my another blog :) im share again for my readers.

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