Saturday, May 21, 2011

5 Presentation Tips

Presentation TipsIm Write about 5 presentation tips because im presenting my product in my school , Im have been finishied my product for national exam. My Product is make an company profile as dvd disk. Im make a company profile for snapy digital printing which the new company in my town. Im make company profile for 3 days, and i have 15 minutes to presented. I know that in front of myself at the presentation im will be meet another people who have a high level than me and will corect my product. so im nervest now, then im read a book how to be a good speaker and read blog post.

Now i will share what i can find from book and blog post to you into 5 presentation tips

1. Relieve your tensions
This is a small problem but can be a big problem if you tense. You can relieve your tense by drinking a glass of water or take a deep breath.

2. Make other people understand and believe what are you talking about
You can make your audience believe what are you talking about by good looking, smile and make sure the audience you sure that you master the material.

3. Don't make your audience bored
You can make your audience bored if you just talk without any interaction, anytime you can make an interaction with your audience or make them laugh.

4. Make the flow more and more interesting
Make your audience interst section by section. You can make your section interest for time by time, if your audience lost in interest you must know what must you do such as give your audience jokes or some games.

5. Learn what your audience want
You must know what your audience want and give it. If you give what your audience want your presentation will be perfectly.

Ok this is my litle knowladge, i hope with this 5 presentation tips you can get what do you want.

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Rob Wane said...

Begin and end your presentation on time. Arriving late to your presentation is simply unprofessional; not to mention that it won't win you any points with your crowd.

presentation tips said...

haha okay, do not late to come for your presentation :D

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