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Twitter Tutorial

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Now i will post about twitter tutorial. Why i post about that? i think many people ever hear about twitter and a lot of people have an account at twitter. Like Barrack Obama The USA President, he have an accounts on twitter. But what is twitter and did you know twitter well ? what can we doing with twitter ? first you must know about twitter and story of twitter.

What is Twitter ?

Twitter is a micro blogging site but a lot of people called it social network. Twitter is one of many large site. Twitter is a site where you can share your opinion or your activity on your timeline (timeline is like a facebook wall). Different then facebook, on twitter you will not find add as friends, but you can find follow and unfollow. Follow as same as add friends on facebook but if you not follow back your follower, your follower tweet (follower tweet is anything wrote by your follower in their timeline) will not show on your home. So if you following some one but they not following you back its called fans, if you following someone and they following you back its mean friends.

Story of Twitter

Twitter is begin from conference for members of the podcasting company Odeo. Jack dorsey introduce twitter where anyone of little groups can communicate with SMS services. Twitter be a an company (Twitter Inc.) at april 2007. South by Southwest (SXSW) festival make twitter more popular and now you can find billion of tweet a day on twitter and a lot of tweet per minutes.

Twitter Dictionary and Whats on Twitter ?
Home = On this page you can see your following tweets and you can write tweets
Profile = On this page you can see your tweet only
Find People = On this page you can search people
Setting = On this Page you can setting your twitter accounts
Help = On this page you can find topic about facebook tutorial and etc
Sign out = On this page you can sign out from twitter
Direct Message = On This page you can find private message
@you = On this page you can any tweet that mention you
Favorites = On this page you can find tweet favorites
Retweets = On this page you can find tweet that retweeted by your friends
Following Page = On this page you can see your following list
Follower Page = On this page you can see your follower list
Listed page = On this page you can see your listener
Direct Messages (DM) = Direct Messages is a private Messages which you can send it if you and your friends are follow each other.
Mentions (@) = Targeted tweet to another people, usually use @username
Follow = Follow is a tool for subscribe
Follower = Follower is people who following you
Listed = People who listed you
Has tags (#) = Label for linked to another related tweet
Trending Topic (TT) = Is the most tweet label or tweet about by people at special time
Retweet (RT) = Retweet is, tweeting again your friends tweet

Twitter Tutorial

Sign Up
You can sign up from homepage twitter pages ( or, you will find Form full name, username, password and email. Fill your username with your real name, its find people to search you. Use twitter username as easy to read then fill your password and email, read terms of service and then click signup or create my accounts. Go to your email and the click email verification.

Twitter Login
After you already have twitter accounts you can log in from and on you PC and from your mobile phone. Or you can log in via twitter client and from any application for your phone like snaptu and another application.

Update Profile and Upload avatar
You can update your profile (Information About you) at setting page and then go to profile or use this link to update profile. On that page you can upload your avatar (i suggest use small picture), update your name, location, website and bio. Fill your be perfectly because its help to find you on twitter.

Change Background and Style (Themes)
You can change background to your twitter by go to the setting page and then click design or go to this link to change background on twitter. Choose your themes or you can upload your background image. Background image will be displayed based on your monitor ratio. and you can change text color and content.

Finds People
You can search people use find people or twitter search. If you use find people you can input any name and then you will showed result. Twitter search usually for search tweets, so if you want to find another people who interest with blogging you can search "blogging" and there are many result for people who contain "blogging" on their tweets.

Follows People
You can follows people who you want to receive their tweets on your home (Subscribe) by click follow on their profile, or follow button on your search result.

Get Follower
To get follower i think you can follow people and then you will be follow back if they want. So you must have a quality tweet for make another people subscribe you. Many webs can give you twitter follower, but maybe they save your log in information.

Write An Tweet
You can write an tweet from twitter homepage after you log in. And your tweet will be show on your followers homepage.

Delete An Tweets
You can delete your tweets by mouse over your tweets and then click delete on the bottom.

Favorites, Reply and Retweet
You can reply and retweet your following tweet by clicking reply or retweet under the tweets. And you can favorites that tweet by click star icon on the tweets. Icon reply, retweet and favorites showed while mouse over the tweets.

You can mentioned any people on your tweet by use @username

Send DM Direct Message
You can send direct message to people who you following and follow you back. You can send DM via this link.

Using Twitter Mobile (SMS)
For use twitter with sms messege you can go here and then input your phone number and your region click start. With twitter SMS you can send tweets and recive DM and tweet from people who you want to subscribe. You can turn on and turn of twitter sms. There are comand for twitter SMS

FOLLOW username
Start following a user

UNFOLLOW username
Stop following a user

Turn all Tweet notifications on or off

ON/OFF username
Set Tweet notifications for a user on or off (you'll still be following them even if you set it to off)

GET username
Shows you the latest tweet from any user

RT username
Retweet a user's latest tweet

FAV username
Favorite a user's latest tweet

D username your-message
Send a direct message to a user

Delete Accounts

If you want to delete your accounts you can go here if you delete your accounts another people can use your username before.

This is a my little knowledge about twitter, if possible i will update this post. Any question?

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