Friday, April 29, 2011

Lockerz Redemption Notifier SMS

lockerz redemtion notifierIf you want redemp your PTZ you must know when ptz place in locker can be accesed. This is very hard if you not online 24 hours. hey before it, are you know about lockerz? lockerz is a site where you can get a brands like paypal money, ps3, psp, apple and another thing. you can get it by redemtion your ptz points where you can get points if you login, watch movie or take a survey. are its scam? no lockerz is not scam a lot of people recive brand from lockerz. so for easyly you can use lockerz redemtion notifier.

Ok for get notifier lockerz redemtion via mobile messege ( sms ) you can open on that site you will get free notifier via sms for 1 month. if you want to get notifier you must be lockerzalert family, you can complete a quick survey after you sign up, and you will be lockerz aleretz family and you can get lockerz redemption notifier sms to your phone. and you can open your lockerz accounts fastly before redemtion time off.

Sms notifier from lockerz alert usually send "Redemtion is now!!" to your mobile phone. if you want to signup in lockerz alert you must have paypal accounts. if you didn't have paypal accounts you willn't recive sms lockerz redemtion notifier. Lockerz alerts is affiliate with bulk sms. so do it now and get your brands :)

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