Sunday, April 24, 2011

Add Friends Facebook Blocked

I will post about Add Friends Facebook Blocked. Today im using facebook, im adding my friends but did you know what happen with my account? -.-" my account blocked because facebook think that "im a spamer" i know that facebook seriusly avoiding spammer on facebook but facebook should be loyal with the real facebook user. Okay are you have as same problem as with me? are your facebook blocked for adding friends for hours or for day? don't panic you can follow this step.

If your facebook account blocked by facebook for any hours or day you must wait or you can contact facebook. I its imposible if you want to add your friend you can poke or use messege for instruction your friend to add yourself. Until now just this away can i do. If after many hours or many day you facebook can't adding a friends you should contact facebook. After you email them i hope remove add friends facebook blocked from your accounts.

Are you agree with this facebook friend system? i think a lot of people diasgree, the old facebook is used for friendly but now facebook is very hard for friendly. i hope facebook will repair that system for add friends facebook blocked . Facebook must know whos is friends who isn't. and now i think i like twitter than facebook. how about you? facebook or twitter?

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Agus said...

facebook is better than twitter.
but for adding
but i still prefer fb

facebook blocked said...

no no, twitter is number one :) twitter is microblogging, share with everyone

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