Sunday, May 1, 2011

7 Tips for Make Your Blog SEO Friendly

SEO Friendly7 Tips for Make Your Blog SEO Friendly, why im share about it? Many people bored on blogging because their blog didnt have a lot of visitor, and they thing that blog is not useful. they thing they tired for write an articles, and thats articles not be read because their blog didnt have visitor.This is a lot of reaosn why blogger fall in down for blogging. so, how to make your blog have visitor?

you can get visitor by promotion, you can promote your blog offline or online, you can promote your blog offline via stickers or post any articles in wall magazine, but its will make a small change for your blog traffic so what can i do for make my blog have a lot of visitor?

for now, im just know that the best way for blog promotion is from online promotion. you can promote online via a lot of step, but in this section im just share how to get a lot of visitor by search engine, if you want to know another ways you can search in google but after you know how to get a lot of visitor from search engine. Search engine is a mother of all trafiic source. If you want a lot of visitor from search engine, your blog must liked by search engine usually called SEO(search engine optimation) Friendly. how to make your blog SEO friendly? reads my tips about it.

7 tips for make your blog SEO Friendly :
1. Write original articles on your blog and update everyday or frecuently.
2. Add meta tag into your blog
3. Add breadcrum and related post into your blog
4. Add readmore into your blog
5. Make your blog fast loading
6. Get a lot of backlink for your blog
7. Add your blog to search engine

ok lets do it!

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seo friendly blog said...

:) thanks for leaving coments on my post about how to make blog seo firendly :)

Dream 500s said...

Three things are essential for online promotion such as visibility, juicy traffic , quality backlinks. Now relevancy and quality links are essential for online promotion.

Seo Friendly said...

yea... relevancy is number 1

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