Thursday, March 24, 2011

Before You Transfer Yahoo Domain's

how to transfer yahoo domain's ? many year a go yahoo have promotion time where you can get domains only under 2$ but for renew your domain on yahoo you must pay more, so many people buy yahoo domains and then transfer it to another. haha, but now yahoo not in promotion so i think the price of one domains as same as with another domain seller. but maybe you have yahoo domains and want to transfer it to another, i will share it with you.

okay for transfer yahoo domain you need information about your domain status, administrative contact and Authorization or EPP code. okay for first step, you must unlocked your domain,

step to unlock your domain :
1. log in into your account in yahoo
2. go to domain control panel
3. go to edit domain locking and unlock it
4. its maybe you must wait until 24 hours

after you done for unlocking your domain you must change your administrative contact with your real name and email, because yahoo will send Transaction ID and Security Code to your administrative contact, okay you must follow this step for change your administrative contact,

step to change administrative contact :
1. log in into your accounts in yahoo
2. go to domain control panel
3. view/edit your domain registrant
4. and then edit your administrative contact

it maybe you must wait until 24 hours, okay for transfer your domain you need
Authorization Code,okay to know your authorization code follow this step,

step to know your Authorization Code :
1. log in into your accounts in yahoo
2. go to your domain control panel
3. click your domain and then view your authorized code

okay after you finished for 3 step now you can transfer yahoo domain's. you can follow step from yahoo :)

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