Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Use DNS PARK For Blogspot

hey if you use custom domain for blogspot you must need a dns hosting, dns hosting is used for conected your domain with blogger hosting. if you want to build a site with blogger engine but with your domain you need a dns hosting. i think is a great free dns hosting for your blogger engine. but with you can have a limit for 2 domain and 10 record. ok but its very cool for free services. ok now follow this step for use DNS Park for your hosting with free accounts.

hey before i write Blogspot with cutom domain and i give example with but its in paid version now i will share how to use dnspark for blogger with free version. ok its very easy, its 11:12 with paid version from ok now login into your domain accounts where you buy domain which you want to use it for your blogspot. for example if you buy your domain from

login into your godady accouts, and the go to the domain manager click it and search change name server or set name server and set your name server to and just it. now go to your accounts in now add domain. ad your domain and checj with free dns. and now you add record CNAME with alias name WWW and name server and add this.

now go to your blogger acounts, and you can go to dashboar accounts, and chose your blog, and go to setting tab, and then after it go to the tab publishing in setting. now you can choose siwtch to custom domain and add your domain there. now save and preview your pages. i think your page will be open opendns pages. its maybe your accounts not yet activation. now you can wait until 48 hours for load your pages.

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Do you know how I can park two domains on same blogspot?

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