Thursday, August 5, 2010

Push Domain On Godady

hey if you never push domain in godady before i think its very hard if you not see the tutorials how to push domain on godady. ok pushing domain on godady is a transfer domain to another godady member. oush domain is usually for gift a domain to another godady member or for sale domain to another godady member. pushing domain in godady is free, you can transfer domain with free if transfer to another godady member accounts.

Pushing domain on godady need 15 day remaining for reciving it, so do not push if your friends who will you pushed your domain can't recive pusing domain on 15 day. beside it if you want to push domain, you just can push it if your domain pused on 30 day a go before, and you can push after 60 day letter if you change the name regisrtan. so before you transfer your domain check your domain avaliabel for push or not.

ok if you want to push yur domain follow this step:
1. Go to
2. Login into your accounts
3. Go to Domain manager
4. Check a domain which you want to push into your another godady member
5. And then click account change
6. You will be shown popup
7. Fill the form with your transfered accounts email and ccostumer id
8. And then finish

You will be recive notivication by email if your domain been recived from your transfered. ok this step is very simpel. but godady is very slow for load. so be patient. hey do not forget, i will share about my experience for sale domain from godady to my friends, i hope with this story you can be careful for checked your domain. you must check your domain is avaliabel or not for push. This is the story.

I will sell my domains, i post on forums that i will sell my domains in godady. but im can't do it because im forget, im change my registrant name. i think i can hide the owner for my domain with another names. but im very angry that i see a text that my domain can't be push before 60 days perion because im change my registrant name. ok this is my litle post. enjoy it :)

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