Saturday, August 7, 2010

Point Blank Far Shot

Hey are you gamers? i think you never forget about this game, point blank. this game is now favorites the another games online. Point Blank is a action games where you can win this game if you shot all enemys. Point Blank is like a counter strike and counter strike zero but point blank is more powerfull with leveling. topi Point blank now more popular than counter strike and half life.

For play this game you need many skill, many of them is you must can shot an enemy from far area. I will share about you many tips for shot an enemy from far area. With shot from far area you can be defend more perfect. haha but im dislike shot from far area, i rather than like to war on the front, its very nice. but this tips can be used if your healt is down.

ok my first step you need a weapon which can be used for far shoot. my favorits weapon is AK47 its very nice for far or for near war. ok if you shot far from your enemy you can focused your pointer into the head of your enemy, its very make your enemy down because headshot its the big points of healt will be droped. if you very hard for headshot you can shot at up of the body. its can be more demage too.

If you use AK47 do not shoot many time, you can shot with click per click, if you shoot with AK47 and you full shot your shot will be not on the target because the vibrator of AK47 is very big. beside it you can stoop for resist the vibrator if you shot with AK47 but do not full shot. AK47 is very hard for use if you Full Shot with whis weapon. if you can't use AK47 you can use sniper, its very good for far shot but you just can shot once and you must reload.

If your bullet empety you must run go to the escaped area for reload your bullet if not you can change your weapon with pistol and run quickly to your enemy and shot with fast on the head, if you go to your enemy you can run with zig zag. its for avoiding the weapon from your enemey. after you near your enemy you can shot. but if you can't run and avoiding the weapon i think you can use flashblank.

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healthy said...

nice posting,,, I am newbie, so it's too difficult for me to play the game,,

Anonymous said...

nice tips but ur english aint great it would have made a great article

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fasa timpo said...

Nice but too litle.
If you want real tip n trik for POint Blank, read mine :
tip & trik PB

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