Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Justin Bieber From Youtube

hey im now know that justin bieber be famous because her mother upload the video of justin bieber when he show. haha i know it from television. im very like justin bieber, i like justin bieber because her song with title baby haha i like it, first i know this song i never thing that who sing this song id more child then me. haha justin bieber i like it.

Justin is have a real name Justin Drew Bieber, justin bieber come froml Stratford, Ontario, Kanada. justin bieber is was bron at March 1 1994. he be famous because Scooter Braun do walk on the youtube and find justin bieber videos which be upload by Pattie Mallete her mother. Scooter Braun is a skill searching and marketer on So So Def.

haha justin is now famous, on many country, i think its very amazed because he is now 16 years old. Justin bieber now have a lot fans on many country. justin bieber is cool. im very amazed. youtube now can be tools for be famous. haha, im very happy to for look momoyplayboy lipsing video its very nice, momoy playboy now be famous too on youtube and local television. youtube is cool

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hanifa said...

have u ever seen the video when JB hit by his fans using a bottle? :D

the link is already there...

Tutorials, TIps, Trick, Info. said...

thanks you :) wow with bottle? i think its very sick

Justin Bieber said...

yes..same like you..when first time hear her 'baby' song, i think he only a child but when see her video, than i know he is not a child

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