Wednesday, August 11, 2010

how to update facebook status and twitter at the same time

hey faceboockers and twiters happy day for you, i think this articles can be make you happy. because you didn't need many time for updates your facebook status and your tweet. Now you can updates your facebook and twitter status at the same time. with it you didn't need to open 2 site. you just open your facebook and if you upsate your facebook stats its will be updates in your tweet too. haha so you can safe your time to another thing.

ok follow this step to update facebook status and twitter at the same time :
1. Go to your facebook pages
2. login and then go to the dashboard or home page
3. and then you must go to the
4. And then search with this keyword "Facebook Selective Twitter Status"
5. And then install it
6. input your twitter login user to this aplication
7. click allow
8. if you show a pop up for request special permison press allow
9. finish

now you can test this aplicaion. write a stat in your facebook wall. and now your facebook status are same as with your twitter status without open twitter pages and update it. its more powerfull for you that you have a lot social network. but if your facebook status recive a comment the coment cant be show on the twitter pages. because the platform is different. twitter is use @ for reply coments. so its ver hard to input the coments in facebook on your twitter pages.

Many aplication is blocked by twitter, i my twitter is suspended because im use a bad aplication. i will not share what is the aplication. but before use application for twitter you must need a read a lot review for your aplication which you want to use. ok this is my simpel share for me, thank for visit my pages, come back to read another tips babai

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