Sunday, August 8, 2010

Add Plugin Facebook Emoticon

hey facebookers now you can be happy for use facebook because now you can use emoticon with one touch like on yahoo mesengger. With this emoticon you can shocked your friends because this emoticon not published by facebook. this emoticon hidden so many people do not know it setan you can make your friends shocked, and very amazed with you.

For add this emoticon you must add plugin for firefox, you must use firefox browser, if you not use this browser this emoticon can't be shown. so you must download firefox beside it you must know that this plugin with your browser version. but i think its not a problem because this plugin usualy make an update if your browser been updates.

ok for add facebook emoticon plugin follow this step:
1. do not open facebook pages, logout your facebook accounts and then close
2. close firefox browser
3. Download and install greasemonkey for firefox, you can download it here
4. after you install this plugin add facebook chatbar, click here
5. After it restart your firefox browser
6. and then instal facebook plugin here
7. restart your firefox again and now this emoticon will be shown on your chatbar

now you have facebook chatbar emoticon plugin if your friends ask to you about how to add it you can share to your friends about this page. i think if all of your friends know it, chat on facebook chatbar is more life more powerfull. this plugin can be active or deactive you just click on the bottom right at monkey pictures. if this picture not active so your plugin not active.

ok if you want to unistall this plugin you can remove it on your firefox plugin. and remove grasemonkey. and then restart your browser. now check this plugin you can login into your facebook accounts. if your emoticon can't be shown your unistalling succes. if not you must uninstalling again. if you did'nt want to unistall it you can deactive this plugin.

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