Friday, July 2, 2010

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Hey are you never use twitter before? i think you on the great place for learn about twitter. twitter is very different then facebook. i think twitter is more open for all people, mean you can know what you follow not like facebook you must add people who you want to known.If you use facebook before i think you will be hard to use twitter because twitter use a words for coments or reply. like this, i have twitter name "unamed" and i write a post "today is rainy, im can't go. im stay at home and i wanna learn about twitter" and then on screen will be show like this unamed : today is rainy, im can't go. im stay at home and i wanna learn about twitter if you want to reply that stat you must use RT (Response Tweet) like this. if your username "untitle" and you must post reply like this "yea its cool lets learn with me RT today is rainy, im can't go. im stay at home and i wanna learn about twitter" but its to long so you can delete last words.

are ever hear about Trending Topics ? its a stat where the most people write it in their stat. Trending Topics is can call with TT. trending topics is usually use #trendingtopic like this #wonderwoman and you write with # its will be a link. Trending Topics is the most be shown is because an public figure that have a lot of follower. They write it and then the follower ReTweet this. You can ReTweet with push a ReTweet button on the bottom of the stat. hey you can look your stat retweeted by who and you retweet which stat in your retweets pages in homepage at siderbar.

oh no i forget show how to follow another people. if you will follow your favorites people like actors and etc you can search the name in searh people not in search topics. after you find your searche people you can click follow beside her profile. and now stat of your people follow will be shown in your homepages. but the people been you follow will not recive your stat if they not follow you back. you can follow without recive their stat, you can see the profile and click unsubcribe.

You can acces twitter via your balckberry or another smart phone, i like use aplication like snaptu if me online on mobile phone. hmm but i dont have balakberry i want it, i will save my money and buy it in online store. i think buy balckberry in online store is more cheap like in amazon and etc. i ever find that backberry just 0.1$ in amazon, are its really? its very make me amazed. You can download snaptu for free you can search it in google search.

beside it you can make money from your twitter accounts, i ever monotize my twitter accounts with autopost ads and now my twitter suspended. oh no.. are there are another ways to make money online via twitter accounts. i think you can use sponsoredtweets, its an aplication like PTR (paind to review). i ever get 5 jobs to post an review in my twitter accounts, and its buy 1$/tweets. but im not finished thats job because very slow to load sponsoredtweets pages. i have recive my job in twitter at me have 100 followers with 0 Following.

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