Monday, July 19, 2010

Request an Ubuntu CD for Free

hey my reader sor for post very late. now i will share with you how to request an ubuntu cd for free. before it, are you know what is ubuntu? ubuntu is an operating system where it can be used for free UBUNTU cd free its very nice, you can get this os with free, so you can save your money for your child education. ubuntu is Debian based Linux distribution. i thinks ubuntu is more friendly user, so easy for use it. hey why its free? are its legal? its legal and 100% free. ok lets check this out.

For request this cd first step you must go to the . on that site you will be shown a page that you must choose desktop edition or server editon. what it is the Difference between Ubuntu Desktop & Server Edition ? ubuntu server edition is not very friendly user, desktop edition is more friendly user. haha i dont know it more im know it from a post at a forum who have problem to choose whish one more great. ok if you been find your shoice lets go to the nest step.

Step two is after you been choose whish one do you want to be used, after it you will be redirest to login pages, you can login with your email been you registered. if not yet you can click, no, i will create an accounts. after it you will redirest to signup page, signup with your realy information like on your identity card. after it go to your email for verivication. after you been activate your accounts now you can login into your member area.

in member are you can request your cd, if you want to request for more then one cd you must wait an aproval, but if you want to rquest one ubuntu cd i think its will be aproved ver fast. if you want to request more then one cd you must give the real reason why you need ubuntu cd more then one. look this example for more then one cd request "Dear Ubuntu Team, i need 20 of ubuntu cd because i will install it for my library, so many people can learn use ubuntu together in my library, thanks
Request Ubuntu CD " ok after it wait for aproval.

After your request been aproved you will recive the messege via email like this
"Request accepted. Please note that requests usually take from 4 to 6 weeks to deliver, depending on the country of shipping."
okay finished step, now you must wait for 4 until 6 weeks, after it you can install it on your pc or your laptops. ok im finished for share this section, thanks you for visit my blog, come back for read my another site.

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surya aditya said...

i love linux.
nice info.

Tutorial, Tips, Trick, Info. said...

its cool because its free

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