Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Make a Advertise Blog

dear my reader sengihnampakgigi im come for you, now i will share with you about a advertise blog, are you know what it is? advertise blog is a autopilot blog. autopilot like a aeroplane that the pilot not drive the plane, so? autopilot blog is a blog without you drive it (write articles) explanation, i hope you can understand about it, aotupilot is a blog where the post of the blog is updates automaticaly. hey how to do it? haha.. simple way you can make a advertise blog, social bookmark like digg or another. now i want share about you how to make it in blogspot and in wordpress. just for simple way and you will be enjoy, check this out.

Make Advertise Autopilot In Blogspot :

Before you make it i hope you can understand my story, im ever make a advertise autopilot in my blog, i think my blog will be banned tumbuk because in one day my blog can be updates for more 4 post. i think my blog will be banned if my blog very fast for updates. so i think you can make half autopilot advertise blog. okay check this out (It How To Make Ads Blog)

1. Open your dasborad
2. Go to the setting
3. Click on email and mobile tab
4. Make your email posting with format like this
5. Check "" (it for make a half autopilot so you must login and publish)
6. Signup in email me form
7. Make a form with format like this, name, email, site, catagory, ads.
8. Make that form go to the
9. Open your email in gmail
10. Click Setting
11. and the make filter email from email me form will be send to
12. Now you have half advertise autopilot blog

arfe you have been have a advertise aotupilot blog? how to monotize autopilot blog? i think you can placed premium ads on your blog where that ads never will be down if many user placed some ads in your blog. its very nice, co can make money from your free blog. haha.. beside it you can placed ads like CPM ads, CPM ads is cost per million, mean you will be recive payment if ads in your blog after see for 1000X. but if you placed this ads your page will be very slow to load because CPM ads just show images ads. so be patient for load your blog.

Hey i think there are billon blog make advertise blog, how me can be front from other blog? i think first step you must do is optiomanig your pages with seo, your pages must be numer one in google search. if its so hard i think you can make a relation with another blog like link exchange. you must work hard for promotional your advertise blog. if you dont have a long time i think you can placed your blog in adwords i think its a perfect way for promotional your advertise blog. okay come back for many trick from me babai

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peterhunt said...

The new autopilot blog technology and blog add is becoming easy and fast and this software is coll, i will buy this and tell other

SEO Tips said...

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Tutorial, Tips, Trick, Info. said...

@peterhunt, hey what do you want to buy? this trick not use many software and its 100% free

@SEO Tips yea advertise blog is so cool ^_^

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