Friday, July 9, 2010

Invisible Mouse (Mouseless)

Hello all my reader im very amazing today im blogwalking to my friends blog and i find a new post that, invisible mouse Invisible Mouse now are relased, its very cheap for get invisible mouse (Mouseless) just 20$, yea its very cheap for mouse with hi tech like that. its very cool, invisible mouse worked with infrared for know your hand position and where you click. i think its very good for use in your laptop. you didn't need a big place for your mouse, because now your hands is your mouse. i never use this mouse, i think its will be cool for gamers because i think this mouse will be more sensitive then another mouse.

hey what do you think about invisiblemouse? are its will be work very well? i think invisible mouse is same as wih your mouse on your laptop. but this mouse use infrared for know what your hand location. You will be enjoy with your choice if you know what do you needed. if me ofcourse like mouse for games, because its very cool design i think mouse games can be use for anything.

The great mouse is i think becuaese the user, user need and enjoy use that mouse or not. im personalized i like a mouse where we can touch it with enjoy, as same as with your hand, its make you easy for use mouse. Im very like play a counter strike game, that game need a cool mouse for win, because mouse is a 75% controler in Counterstrike game. i will be lose if me not use a great mouse, for this game i choose mouse with infrared not mouse with ball. i get more 40% win after me use infrared mouse.

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