Thursday, July 22, 2010

How To Typing With Fast ?

Hey i know that you work at a office you must can typing with very fast. Many job like write catalog, write a invited letter or another job where we must typing with fast is ver imposible if you never learn how to type with fast. many poeple can't typing with fast because they din't remember the place of the words. haha.. for remember it you can learn it with a game for typing with fast. you can search the typing game in google search engine. you can download typing game, but if not you can play this game on my site.

If everday you play this game, i think you can easy for typing with fast. hey i have a tricks for typing with fast. ok place your thumb to space, and your ring finger, middle finger and index finger in W, A, D for left and for right in J, K, L. use your thumb just for space. ok now you must remember where is place of your hands. after you remember now you can training for remember where is the place of the words. and so you can use that games for help you.

OK after you remember all, now you can type without look your keyboard but you can look y0our text or your monitor, i think type without look the keyboard is will be more fast then you type with keyboard. haha now after you can type with fast now you can finised your job with fast. hey are you use my tips but its not work. i think you can use another tips, i think your finger is differant with me. ok you can use this tips.

If the tips on the top is nt working for you i think you can use this tips. ok place your
little finger on the A. your ring finger on the W, your middle fingger on the E, And your index finger for F. its for your left hand, if for your right hand you can place your litle fingger on ; , and your ring fingger on O, your middle finger on I, and your index fingger on J, and your thumb on space, use your thumb right or left just for spaces.

i think you very layz for training for type with fast. so i can give my experience for you how to get spirit for training fast typing. first idea you must make money with writing, you can type work at many computers rentals, or you write a blog and monotize your blog. or you can help your father, borther, sister, mother or your friends for type the home work or them job. ok remember this quote , "TYPING IS ABOUT THE ACTION" you never can be typing with fast if you never training.

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