Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Join Google Adsense Is Easy

Hey are you been banned or you never been aprove from google adsense? today i will post about google adsense its my first post about google adsense i think you can understand if a lot of mistakes. I think you never been aprove by google because you not read terms of services, like your blog must at least 6 month, and can't use subdomain, hey but you can use adsense in subdomain blogspot? i join adsense before the new rules for can't use subdomain for signing up. Banned from adsense is so hurt because you will banned after you will PO (Payouts / its like if you will get 100$) Google Adsense if you didn't comply with the rule that has been provided by google. hey are you newbies in adsense? if you never hear about google adsense maybe you must read the second paragraph.

Google adsense is a web-based advertising program. You can placed some ads in you blogs and you will be recive payment if your visitor clicked on the ads. This Program many work at a lite of language. Googlse adsense most call Adsense, Google Adsense = Adsense. Adsense have many option like adsense for content, adsense for search, adsense for domain, adsense for video adsense for feed. Adsense for content more powerfull tha other type because is show in your pages, this ads can look by your fisitor with clear. but its can make your pages like so bad if you can't place your ads perfectly. adsense for search as same as adsense for content but the ads will be show on after you searching in search box. adsense for domain can be use if your pages not be used. and adsense for video is placed on your video.

Ok lets go to the topics now i will share to you how to get free adsense accounts from indyarocks. ok now go to the indyarocks.com and then signup here, fill the form with the real of your name and your home. And after it check your email for get logins info , and then login into your accounts. after yor login in indyarocks click on earning for get adsense accounts with free. after you click it you will show a checking pages, are you can get free accounts or not. Before it i think you must update your profile, upload an photo and you must upload at least 10 photos and you must post an articles at least two articles. ok after it you can click earnings for make your adsense accounts.

I will share with you how to aprove with idyarocks i think before you make your adsense accounts you must update your profile everday at least on one week and i think you must upload your photo for 20 photos, and you must writer 5 articles, in one articles you must write at least 1000 words, if you can't write with well i think you can use free articles with PLR (Private Label Right) and rewrite it. its a simple tricks for aprove in indyarocks from me, i think you will be aproved in your adsense request in IndyaRocks. ok after you aproved in adsense dot forget to say thanks for your GOD. and don't make your problem again, Join Google Adsense do not click your ads.

hehe.. now you have accouts adsense now do not forget for use your earning for anything for help another people. hey you must know in online bussines the most factors can make you succes or not is a luck. If you give another people, and those whom you please pray for your lucky then it could be you're more lucky again. if you been get the lucky i think you will easyly for make money with google adsense. hehe.. now i feel tired come back for read my next blogpost, i hope you leave your comments for my lite blog. Blogpost

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surya aditya said...

but i can't join with adsense :(

Tutorial, Tips, Trick, Info. said...

be patient friends, i hope you can join adsense letter

Vikas said...

I got my adsense account via INDYAROCKS.

Indyarocks really rocks just follow the indyarocks instructions and get approved.

Many thanks for indyarocks

cik Ladies said...

can you make tutorial for floating goggle adsense :)

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