Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Choose an Twitter Names

twitter is a one of many social network where twitter is the biggest social network. i think many people 65% like twitter then facebook. twitter is more popular then other social network because i think twitter have trending topics and twitter have follow and unfollow. i think its more powerfull because with trending topics the news from many world can be update fastly and with follow and unfollow all of people can see your updates. twitter more opened for another people twitter minimum on privacy your stats.

But twitter is low in search, so you must be make your profiles so real. like your email, your names and another information for your profiles, all its easy but name is very critical problem, you can't use name as same as with another people, so you must have a unique name. i think its very hard for make a unique and real names. but dont worry i will share many tips for you how to choose an twitter names. ok ready? check this out

Many people have a name as same as with another people. so many people must use antoher names, but its maybe can be hard for search in twitter. you must make unique articles with perfectly, so i think you can use your fullname, for example your name is jhon smith, you can use name like this JhonSmith, Jsmith, JhonS, remember it! do not use number like this jh0n or j5mith it can make your friends hard to find you and so hard for reply your tweets.

Beside it you can use underscross like this if your name jhon telenovela you can use your username like this Jhon_Telenovela or J_Telenovela or another type but i think you can be more great if you use a lite characters. if you use a good username and your username is so easy for remember i think you and your friends can use twitter with enjoyed. remember, chose username which many people can remember it with easly.

ok now you have a good twitter username, now you can use twitter with easyly. your friends will be easy for reply your tweets because your username is simple and your username is easyly for remember. with it i think you can get more followers in twitter. with twitter you can touch the earth with many news. twitter is cool. do not forget to visit this page again for see my next blogpost about twitter. see you

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