Sunday, July 11, 2010

Build Your Free Site With Co.Cc and 000webhost

Hello me reader, are you want to make your website but you dont have enough money for buy a domain and rent a hosting package? haha dont worry i want to tell about you how to make your website with 100% free and you will be enjoy to use it, you can use free domain and you can get free hosting at 000webhost. i think many blog have been post about it before, but in this section i will post diferent then other in this post i will share with you plus minus in and 000webhost ok check this out

Co.Cc is free domain for 1 year if you choose a unique domain, in your domain have no keywords, and for reneewall after 1 year you can renewall with free. i think if you use your site is more elegant then you use another subdomain. use simple domain is more friendly and your url will be more east for known. but i ever read a blogpost about, from there i know that will take your domain if your domain have a keywords on your domain, and will take your domain if your domain have a good trafiick and pagerank. but i dont know are its true?

000webhost i think its a the best free media for hosted your web pages (Free Web Host). You can get a big hosting then another site where have a free hosting service, but now i think you will very hard for verivication, i dont know what the problem i think its because there are many million of people use 000webhost services and 000webhost be selective to active an account, maybe one ip for one accounts. 00-webhost have a affiliate program but many user tell that 000webhost is scam.

ok after you read my description about and 000webhost now you can choose use it or not, ok if you want to use it follow this step:
1. Go to your accounts
2. Chose an domain
3. Setup your nameserver of domain accounts at and
4. After it go to your 000webhost accounts
5. Submit your domain and then finish

ok now if you want to uplod files of your cms, you can download smartFTP, after you download its fill the form like in your accounts in 000webhost. after it you can uplosd your files on the htdocs folder. beside it you can use cmod for your files, you can setting your atribute of a file, like read only, read and write, or you can set as all. after you finished your files now your site can be see.

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