Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blogspot With Custom Domain

hey are you never know that some poeple use blogspot but with their domain names not use subdomain like ******.com or *****.info or another domain. what advanteges use custom domain in blogspot? haha of course you blog is shown more profesional then blog with subdomain i think you can save your money for rent a host, you will get free hosting with custom domain blogspot platfrom.

If you use blogspot with custom domain you not need to do set up your file permision. you not need to do set your database name. You not need to do use FTP for uploading your files. you can fast uploading anything like upload picture. you can get a great platfrom. with it you can save your time for setup anything then you use your hosting. but beside it you must know, bad of blogspot custom domain.

its so bad if your blogspot is have a high pagerank and alexa rank or technorati, if you use custom domain your rank will be droped, your blog like a baby. you will look blogging from zero. but i think your page rank drop its not take an effect for your serp (Search Engine Position) its very tired is you didn't have motivation. but you can help your rank with follow this step

For help your page rank you can contac your friends who give you backlinks for your domain for change it to your new domains. resubmit your domain names to many searchengine and many blog directory, this is a popular search engine and blog directory: Google, Yahoo, Dmoz, Blogdirectory. do not be afraid for use custom domain because its never make your visitor dropes. your site will be normaly after a more times.

Ok if you have been make a decision. this is a tutorial how to setup custom domain blogspot
1. You need dns hosting for this section i will give example use
2. Signup
3. Setup new domain
4. input your domain without www
5. edit your domain
6. add record like this
Type : CNAME
Alias name : www
Destination Name :

7. This step may be aproval for 2 days
8. go to your domain setup
9. for name server in your domain use it
10 Finish on setup your domain
11. go to your dashboard page
12. go to setting tab
13. go to the publishing
14. click custom domain link
15. click switch to advenced setting
16. fill the form
17. save and finish Blogspot Custom Domain

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